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The need for an experienced professional Toastmaster at Asian Weddings

Richard Birtchnell the Asian Wedding Toastmaster

Richard Birtchnell has acted as an "Asian Wedding Toastmaster" and Master of Ceremonies at over 150 Asian Weddings and has encountered just about every permutation of culture and religion, be they Hindu, Sikh or Muslim weddings. He understands the ceremonies and the protocol and above all, the need to achieve dignified calm, however difficult!

Such Asian weddings are always elegant, exciting, colourful, fun, noisy and, for the uninitiated, confusing. But you would be in the safest of hands with Richard as your Asian wedding toastmaster. From the arrival of the Barat or Jaan and organising the Milnis in the windswept car park to the First Dance in the luxurious Ballroom, Richard, your personal Asian wedding toastmaster, will diplomatically guide and cajole your guests, co-ordinate with wedding photographers and video crew, announce the set piece entertainment and speeches and above all, run the event to time!

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Asian Wedding Toastmaster with two Asian brides

Richard Birtchnell, the Asian Toastmaster, with two beautiful asian brides. Photograph by Photomomentz

Asian Caterers and Event Planners

Richard has worked with many specialist organisers and caterers at Asian weddings, such as those Richard values most highly: Green Chilli, Laguna, Madhu's, Mysterica, Payal, Preeti, Ragasaan, Saffron d'Or, Sapna, Sanjay Foods, Curry Special, Amoré, Rishtaa, Veer Events

For décor and mandaps, none better than Jay & I Events, Wed-in-Style, Flowers in Style (Ritesh Patel)

Asian DJs

He has also worked with the best DJs, sound and lighting suppliers around like Asian Touch, Calibar, DJ H, DJ Raj Gandhi and his Nuchna Roadshow, DJ Raj K, Shiv and Jay at Dynamic Roadshow, Higher Class, the legendary Ignite, Kamology, Paragon, Tony Patti, Ritzy, Sting Roadshow, Kudos, DJ Krash at Divine Musiq.


Richard also highly recommends Hindu Priests such as: Rajubhai Pandya, Vasudev Mehta, Hiteshbhai Raval, Hemang Bhatt and Kamal Pandey


For very special atmospheric creative, artistic ceremonial music, he recommends getting in touch with Shiv Gopal of Indian Wedding Day.

For live music, that doesn't come more highly qualified than Nitu and Mahesh Gadhvi and their group, who have performed in or as background to many Bollywood films, but are now available to any Bride and Groom's celebration right here in the UK. Or you could try Mistry Music for tabla and sitar, or more. And then there's Ashanti Strings and Flute That Groove.


A Bollywood dance show is an increasingly popular feature at many Asian weddings and Richard recommends the highly-acclaimed Angel Dancers whom he has had the pleasure to introduce on many occasions.

Asian Angel Dancers

Such valuable experience gained by Richard Birtchnell over many years as a participant and observer at Asian Weddings is the foundation of much practical and sound advice waiting to be harnessed. Richard will no doubt make your very special day even more special as your Asian wedding toastmaster.

My Top Tip to Make Your Wedding Run to Time

Make sure that everyone working for you on the day has the same piece of paper showing the timings, programme and logistics! This means the Toastmaster, caterers, videographers, photographers, florist, cake-maker, DJ, musicians, priest/imam, registrar, close family, bridesmaids and best man are all following the same timetable. So often I find they don?t and we have major issues because one party has been told something different to the others, or not at all. It doesn't matter how many versions of the schedule are prepared leading up to the big day, so long as on the day itself, we're all agreed and working to the same goals.

Call or email Richard now to discuss your own big day.

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