The Wedding Toastmaster

Engaging a Toastmaster or a Master of Ceremonies at a wedding ensures your peace of mind. No matter what culture, religion or custom (and Richard Birtchnell knows them all, take a look at his Asian Weddings page) many organisational aspects are common to all weddings and need supervision and management.

The Wedding Toastmaster's Duties and Responsibilities

On behalf of the couple, this is what Richard Birtchnell does on the day:

  • Checks venue ready one hour before
  • Directs and seats guests for ceremonies
  • Organises receiving line
  • Helps photographer/video crew
  • Liaises with musicians/DJ
  • Calls guests to wedding breakfast
  • Introduces speakers
  • Stages cutting of cake and first dance
  • Runs event to time

You can learn much more by watching an interview of Richard Birtchnell explaining the wedding Toastmaster's duties.

Searching For a Wedding Toastmaster?

Look no further. With years of experience acting as a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies at numerous weddings, Richard can guide you through your Big Day. Call him now on 020 7730 3725 or email him to check his availability.