The Society of London Toastmasters

London : The Capital of Etiquette and Protocol

London isn?t just the capital of the UK, but it is also the capital of etiquette and protocol, and formal dining. Toastmasters are the event managers, the coordinators and the announcers at such functions.

The Society of London Toastmasters

Richard Birtchnell is a member of The Society of London Toastmasters. They are the original group of Toastmasters formed over 60 years ago. There are many other Toastmaster organisations but Richard would like to think of them as copies.

The Society of London Toastmasters operate to the highest possible standards, their knowledge and skills are unrivalled, they are retained for the most prestigious events, in the finest of venues and they attend and manage the most important functions, such as, State banquets, Mansion House speeches, the Lord Mayor?s inaugural banquet, as well as visiting Heads of State will be received by royalty and Toastmasters from The Society of London would be in attendance.

Richard would like to draw your attention to the crest, the badge that he wears, of The Society of London, and explains some of the symbols that are represented, which sum up how a Toastmaster does his job.

At the top of the crest, is a ?Loving Cup? which is part of a traditional ceremony at formal banquets in the City of London.

There is a gavel, which is the tool of trade of a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, which they use to knock on wood and call people to dinner or call their attention to speeches and toasts.

The white cross on the red background shield which is symbolic of the City of London. That is the Square Mile where the most formal dining takes place.

The two dolphins either side of the crest represent the City of Westminster, and that to the Toastmasters is the West End. The hotels, Park Lane, Mayfair and Belgravia.

Then you have ?The Society of London Toastmasters? which is the organisation that Richard Birtchnell represents.

Finally, in Latin, we have The Society of London?s moto, ?Omnia Cum Dignitate? which translates to ?Everything With Dignity.?

Hopefully, this gives an over view of the credibility, credentials and capabilities of the most professional Toastmaster you would wish to engage for your function.

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