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The Society of London Toastmasters

London : The Capital of Etiquette and Protocol

London isn?t just the capital of the UK, but it is also the capital of etiquette and protocol, and formal dining. Toastmasters are the event managers, the coordinators and the announcers at such functions.

The Society of London Toastmasters

Richard Birtchnell is a member of The Society of London Toastmasters. They are the original group of Toastmasters formed over 60 years ago. There are many other Toastmaster organisations but Richard would like to think of them as copies.

The Society of London Toastmasters operate to the highest possible standards, their knowledge and skills are unrivalled, they are retained for the most prestigious events, in the finest of venues and they attend and manage the most important functions, such as, State banquets, Mansion House speeches, the Lord Mayor?s inaugural banquet, as well as visiting Heads of State will be received by royalty and Toastmasters from The Society of London would be in attendance.

Richard would like to draw your attention to the crest, the badge that he wears, of The Society of London, and explains some of the symbols that are represented, which sum up how a Toastmaster does his job.

At the top of the crest, is a ?Loving Cup? which is part of a traditional ceremony at formal banquets in the City of London.

There is a gavel, which is the tool of trade of a Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies, which they use to knock on wood and call people to dinner or call their attention to speeches and toasts.

The white cross on the red background shield which is symbolic of the City of London. That is the Square Mile where the most formal dining takes place.

The two dolphins either side of the crest represent the City of Westminster, and that to the Toastmasters is the West End. The hotels, Park Lane, Mayfair and Belgravia.

Then you have ?The Society of London Toastmasters? which is the organisation that Richard Birtchnell represents.

Finally, in Latin, we have The Society of London?s moto, ?Omnia Cum Dignitate? which translates to ?Everything With Dignity.?

Hopefully, this gives an over view of the credibility, credentials and capabilities of the most professional Toastmaster you would wish to engage for your function.

Do You Need To Hire a Toastmaster for a Wedding or Event in the UK

If you are interested in talking with Richard about an upcoming event that you are arranging, call him on 020 7730 3725 or visit his website at http://www/londontoastmaster.com

The London Toastmaster

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No.1 Mayfair: The London Party Venue

Champagne, burlesque and a magical forest inside a Gothic church. This can only be Mayfair

Toastmaster Richard Birtchnell at No.1 Mayfair

I was Toastmaster at the 50th birthday party of Amanda Eliasch held at the recently decommissioned St Mark's Church in North Audley Street, now renamed No.1 Mayfair. It is a rather special party venue, mainly because the 150 year old internal d?cor, stained-glass windows and structure of the gothic Grade 1 building are intact and you really feel as if you are in church, which feels bizarre. The guests danced at the altar, the DJ's rig was in the organ space, my announcements were from the pulpit. There was top musical talent and a burlesque show. One entertaining distraction available to guests during the evening was an unusual PHOTOBOOTH run by Jon-X and Rita Dobo. With their fertile imagination, in the past two years they built haunted castles, 16th century boudoirs, Japanese gardens, magical forests, and desert islands. Partygoers have survived airplane crashes, hitchhiked a Harley, fought tigers & posed with pumas or had their teeth pulled out at a dentist surgery! They use no green screen technology or other usual gimmicks, instead they build tailor-made 3D photo booths. There are no digital effects or post-production involved and the sets give a huge, real life, visual impact. The "models" are the attending guests who play, pose and act within the sets. For more information, go to www.bigbigday.com

About the Author: Richard Birtchnell, a?london toastmaster ?who covers events all over London and beyond. If you want your event to run smoothly, on time and with a bit of pizazz, why not contact Richard now?to check his availability.

Wedding Ideas Awards 2010

The London Toastmaster?and The Wedding Ideas Awards 2010

The Wedding Ideas Awards 2010

The Wedding Ideas Awards are the UK's only wedding industry awards voted for by real brides and on 22nd January 2010 ?the winners were announced at a ceremony and celebratory lunch held at the Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street. Guest presenter was TV personality Jenni Falconer and I had the honour of being the Toastmaster/MC. During the afternoon guests were delighted with a cabaret performed by 'Incognito' who were truly wonderful. The three singers pose as guests, then develop an excuse to get up and sing classical arias, to everybody's surprise. I have seen many surprise tenors and divas acts, but these were the best and I highly recommend them - check out their website at www.incognitoartists.com and for further information about Wedding Ideas and how to get your copy, go to www.weddingideasmag.com or better still, pop into your newsagent!

Toastmaster Richard Birtchnell with celebrity TV personality Jenni Falconer at the Wedding Ideas Awards 2010.


About the Author: Richard Birtchnell, a Master of Ceremonies?who covers events all over London and beyond. Why not contact Richard to check his availability.


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Wedding Toastmaster at Gibson Hall

The London Wedding Toastmaster at Gibson Hall, London

Here are a?couple of?photos of me as the wedding toastmaster?at a wedding at Gibson Hall, London. A special thank you goes to Graham Lacdao for supplying the photographs.

The Main Hall is a spectacular setting for a wedding celebrations. An idyllic romantic venue for weddings of all sizes,?the courtyard garden is ideal for a drink reception.

The London Toastmaster, Richard Birtchnell standing in the Main Hall of Gibson Hall, London. Photo by Graham Lacdao



About the Author: Richard Birtchnell, a wedding toastmaster?who covers wedding events all over London and beyond. Why not contact Richard to check his availability.

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City of London Toastmasters

City of London Toastmasters and their History and Customs

City of London Toastmaster, Richard Birtchnell leading HRH the Duke of Gloucester into a reception at Mercers' Hall. Photo by Michael O'Sullivan

When we talk of the 'City' of London, we are referring to the 'Square Mile' representing mainly the international financial district, which since Norman times was the capital's hub of craft and commercial activity. The City is a democratic self-governing entity with its own Lord Mayor and rich in tradition, history and what may be thought of as quaint ceremonial customs.

One such is that the City of London Toastmaster does not wear his red tailcoat, instead he wears a black one. It is said the reason for this is that by tradition, a foxhunt may not pass through the City's streets and as the Toastmaster's red coat is reminiscent of mounted foxhunters, it is preferred that he maintains a less ostentatious profile. However, this policy creates a problem of identity. A Toastmaster's work in the City is inevitably at Mansion House (home of the Lord Mayor) or the Guildhall or one of the 40 Livery Halls where formal banquets are held, often with members of the Royal Family, Government and Heads of State present. Frequently guests at such functions will wear white tie and black tails, just like the Toastmaster, who no longer will be identifiable by his red jacket. An elegant solution was devised whereby the Toastmaster would wear a red and white sash over his right shoulder, representing the colours of the City's crest. This way, he stands out, even if on occasion he gets mistaken for the Polish Ambassador!

City of London Toastmaster, Richard Birtchnell. Photo by Michael O'Sullivan

Acting as a City Toastmaster requires a higher degree of knowledge and protocol than for example, in the 'West End' and there are many subtle differences in procedure. For example, outside the City when introducing a guest speaker with a post-nominal (eg OBE) the Toastmaster would say "Pray silence for John Smith, an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" but within the City the Toastmaster simply says "Pray silence for John Smith". Another example would be how the Loyal Toast ("The Queen!") is introduced. Outside the City the Toastmaster would gavel for attention and say: "Would you all please stand.. and.. pray silence for the Chairman who will now propose the Loyal Toast". In the City, when we get to this point in the meal (before the coffee is served) the Toastmaster simply taps his gavel three times, does not speak at all and the host will rise and pronounce: "The Queen!" then all guests rise and repeat the exclamation.

About the Author: Richard Birtchnell is not only a Master of Ceremonies,?but he is also a City of London Toastmaster. If you want to make your?event one to run smoothly and on time, then why not contact Richard to check his availability.

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