Livery Companies

Toastmaster To The City Livery Companies

Richard Birtchnell has acted as Beadle to two City Livery Companies and has performed as formal Toastmaster to many of the 108 others at their formal functions. In 27 of the 38 Livery Halls in the City of London and knows well the procedures, rituals and entertaining etiquette that is unique to this historical part of London. Typical duties would include:

Livery Company Dinner

Forming the receiving line, welcoming guests, organising official photography and procession, introducing guest speakers and liaising with musicians and entertainers

Mansion House - The Livery Banquet

Welcoming the Master, Wardens, the Clerk and their partners, forming the receiving line, introducing the guests to the hosts, organising official photography and VIP procession, introducing guest speakers and entertainment

Need a Toastmaster For a Livery Company Event?

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