Toastmasters Reviews, Testimonials & References

Richard Birtchnell has the following testimonials available:

from John and Rebecca:

"Dear Richard, how can we ever thank you enough for the truly wonderful job you did on our wedding day? We don't think there is a single person who hasn't commented on how fantastic you were on the day. No whim was too much of an ask, you kept us both calm, kept everyone in order with a fantastic sense of humour and not least kept the day to time! I thought I had high standards and you surpassed every one of them. We will always be grateful "

from Deborah:

"So professional, organised and flexible - key member of the team"

from Lorraine:

"You bring a sense of calm; I have utmost faith in you"

from Michael:

"Your service surpassed our expectations"

from Amanda:

"You contributed greatly to our tremendous success"

from Stephen:

"I congratulate you on your fundraising skills"

from Jane:

"...efficient and professional"

from Tania:

"Best Toastmaster we could have wished for

from Paula:

"Attention to detail, adaptable, willing"

from Sue:

"you were totally wonderful"

from Jenny:

"Beyond the call of duty"

from Richard:

"Professionalism, help and support very much appreciated"

from David:

"Calm efficiency and humour"

from Ellen Armstrong, Corporate Fundraiser, Mercy Ships:

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for being the perfect Toastmaster and Auctioneer at the Ball. You certainly helped make the Ball the huge success it was. We received many compliments from our guests who really appreciated your style and approach, your humour and diplomatic persuasive skills in encouraging them to part with their money!"

from Amanda:

"...wonderful stewarding"

from David:

"Charm and aplomb"

From Deniece and Ed Burton (wedding):

"We owe you a huge thank you; you made our wedding day perfect. Every one of our guests commented on how wonderful you were, and how you had taken the time out to talk to everyone. You organized all the Hilton staff, dealt with any problems with no fuss and most importantly your amazing skills meant we had nothing to worry or think about and therefore we only had to sit back and enjoy our day, which we did. Our day was totally relaxed, ran to time and incredibly organized and we owe a thanks to you for this. We can't say enough how much we appreciate everything you did ... we couldn't recommend you enough to anyone and will happily be available for any testimonial, be it via phone or on your website. You are truly a master of your craft. Thank you!"

from Craig:

"Cannot thank you enough"

from Ellen:

"The perfect Toastmaster and Auctioneer"

from Tawny:

"...feedback has been wonderful"

from Susan Cordery, Director, Premier Events Plus (on occasion of BP Oil dinner):

"A huge thank you for last night. Our client was absolutely thrilled with the content and atmosphere of the evening and your skill, professionalism and excellent good humour throughout were key to achieving this. I do hope that we find an opportunity to work with you again."

from Paula:

"You were an integral part of the evening..."

from Peter:

"...professionalsim and commitment..."

from Heather:

"You did a great job."

From Jennie Hallam Peel (on occasion of Berkeley Dress Show):

"Thank you for the superb way in which you structured the unstructurable at the Berkeley dress show. Without you it would have been total mayhem and you handled every drama - and they were legion - with total panache and your own brand of indestructable cool! I do hope you will now be a permanent part of the London Season and frankly, I shall not be undertaking another without you!"

from Adrian:

"I am happy to rely on you."

from Claudia:

"Thank you for your expertise and calmness."

from Kenneth:

"Thank you; dinner was a triumphant success."

from Simon:

"Relaxed, confident, well-spoken."

From Thomas Baker, photographer:

"As a wedding photographer, I have worked with several Toastmasters, and I can heartily recommend the services of Richard. He has the rare ability to effectively run an event without interfering with the enjoyment of the guests: rather his pleasant demeanour and general panache adds to the pleasant experience of attending one of the events at which he works. When asked by my clients to recommend a toastmaster, his is the only name I suggest."

From Jayne Quayle, Lord Mayor's Africa Gala:

"We greatly appreciate your involvement in the Lord Mayor's Africa Gala at the Guildhall. A number of guests have said how seamless it all was, which is largely because we were in your safe hands I'm sure."