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London Toastmaster Enters Eggheads

Richard Teams Up to Challenge the Eggheads

I was recently captain of a team of Toastmasters invited to challenge the highly-regarded 'Eggheads' who appear nightly on BBC2. For those who are unfamiliar with the format, the 'Eggheads' are a team of Britain's most successful quiz and game show champions and in each episode a different challenging team attempts to beat them through a series of rounds for a cash prize. As our particular show is not to be broadcast until Autumn 2010, I am not at liberty reveal the outcome until after transmission.

Anyone may create a challenging team. Application forms are available from the BBC. If satisfactory at this stage, there follows an audition which involves mental and presentational skills and if through, the team is taken to Glasgow where the programme is filmed and although a little scary it was great fun to participate.

In the photograph the Eggheads are standing left to right: CJ, Chris, Barry, Daphne, Kevin and show host Jeremy Vine and seated, looking very smart I am sure you will agree, are my Toastmasters team left to right: Mike Jacobs (standby), Richard Birtchnell, Neil Hunt, Ian Low, Tony Forward and Roger Galton-Davies.


About the Author: Richard Birtchnell, now a celebrity Toastmaster?after appearing on BBC TV's Eggheads, covers events all over London and beyond. Why not contact Richard to check his availability.